Instructorials was conceived to aid those in need of writing expertise in the academic, business, and private sectors. We provide online instruction and tutorials for all things written

Need help with an essay at any stage of the process or prior to a looming deadline? Instructorials can help!

Need someone to review a manuscript, copy edit, or offer constructive feedback? We can help!

Do you need a resume created professionally to acquire a position? Let us build it, revise it, or review it!

 Instructorials combines the best of discipline-specific expertise, the ease and access of the internet, and an educational emphasis to achieve quick results on your current writing task.


We are college professors and lecturers with experience in teaching composition at all academic levels; developmental (remedial) to advanced composition. We have advanced degrees in English Composition and Rhetoric, and undergraduate degrees in English and Education. We teach, attend professional conferences, and publish. We continue to learn, develop our craft, and find new and unique ways to make learning fun and effective. We continue to learn because those we help continue to evolve in their needs as learners.

See our individual profiles to learn more about the staff of Instructorials, and why we can be trusted with your writing needs. We are working professionals who love teaching, composition, but more importantly, helping others learn and succeed!


Customized Instructorials begin by following these easy steps:

  1. Select the appropriate area (Academic, Business, Private)
  2. Choose the level of Instructorial you desire
  3. Place a small deposit
  4. Submit required materials based on your selections
  5. Receive an email when you materials have been reviewed and Instructiorial is ready
  6. Pay the remaining balance due
  7. Receive an email with documents, video links, or other services purchased.
  8. Refer a friend, return next time, and receive a discount for your support and loyalty
  9. Succeed!


We can help students and parents in need of writing expertise in invention/pre-writing (getting started), thesis statements and support, the research process, locating sources, composing, editing, revising, proof-reading, and publication (final draft stage). This help is available from first-year writing courses through graduate theses. Please see the available options and let us know when we can get started with your next paper!

High School, College, and University writing courses are difficult. Teachers, Lecturers, and Professors are facing increasing class sizes and an increased workload, and students often fail to get the individualized attention they need and deserve. Students and parents that need a little extra help to get through these milestones have few options.

Don’t waste time with tutors or local tutorial centers than charge exorbitant fees, and need you to return often to keep paying their overhead or rent. There’s a reason they schedule your next appointment before you leave. We utilize all that the internet has to offer for free, and by doing so, we are able to provide expert advice at a fraction of the cost.

We provide online access to the resources you need, and feedback is given by the very individuals who will be assessing you, or your child’s work. Writing is an essential element to success in high schools, whether a class is AP, GATE, IB, or other iterations of advanced placement. Don’t let these chances to gain college credit fall to the wayside because you didn’t try everything you could .


 Instructorials utilizes numerous advancements in technology and teaching to provide results. We use online video, audio, collaborative tools, and numerous applications to deliver feedback that is essential to your success. Review the your area of interest and see what unique approaches we deliver feedback to our clients!

A small investment in success NOW can save you a TON of money later. Invest in success now, and avoid retaking costly courses; both in time and money! You choose which option fits your needs, budget, and time constraints. We even have a quick response option for those important assignments that just can’t wait.

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