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Hello! My name is Stan Porter, and I am the founder of Instructorials! I have developed this site to be a resource for those who need assistance with ANY writing endeavor; personal, educational, business, creative…anything!Stan_Porter_selfie

Academic Assistance: 

I currently teaching Writing and General Education courses full-time at the University of California, Merced. There, I integrate technology into each of my courses, and students have always been appreciative to the amount and substance of feedback.

I also teach at two local community colleges on occasion; Modesto Junior College and Merced College. At these institutions, I teach in the traditional classroom setting, as well as fully online offerings in composition.

I have a Master in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Teaching Writing. I graduated from California State University at Stanislaus with Honors.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education with an English emphasis from Missouri State University, Springfield. I graduated with Honors here as well; Magna Cum Laude.

I recently was certified by @One and Fresno Pacific University in Online Teaching. This certification is funded by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, and has been a catalyst for the implementation of this service. It has provided me expertise in the online possibilities for innovations in writing services. As well as being a graduate, I am currently an Independent Contractor for the @One program, serving in a Peer Guide role for practicum students wishing to become certified.

Business Needs: 

In addition to my expertise in high school and college writing, I have 20+ years of business experience. In these positions, I have written training manuals, resumes, professional correspondence, created forms/documents, and procedural manuals. If you need assistance in compiling and creating a professional document, resume, curricula vitae, or other needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Personal Endeavors: 

Follow the book titles hyperlinked below to find out how you can purchase a copy for your own library!


I have recently edited the second installment of a new children’s book by an up-and-coming author, Edward Rea. The Adventures of Harmony is the tale of a young, interracial girl, finding her way in the world. Her second adventure will something that young children will enjoy, so don’t hesitate to pick up a copy.


Prior to Rea’s book, I edited and offered revisions to I’m A Brat, by military brat and new author, Jim Odom. The author presents a great narrative following the life of David Boyer, a military brat being shunted once again into a new city. This move forces Boyer to decide which personality he wants to become in this new self. Does he try to be the jock? The nerd? Or, perhaps, the funny kid. Tag along as Odom leads us through some of his early memories shared through his beloved character and perpetual “new kid in town.”

La Jefa Cover

My latest editorial endeavor came about as a result of the work completed on The Adventures of HarmonyI received a glowing reference from Rea, and a fellow writer asked me to review his first book for clarity and cohesion. I was ecstatic to review a first-time novelist, and the story did not disappoint! La Jefa is the tale of two friends, their adventure to the Dominican Republic, and chance encounters that cause them to question the individuals who have befriended them. Is there more to the DR and the mysterious folks who they meet? Find out in Patrick Harris’s novel. It’s a page-turner that won’t disappoint! This novel is based on a real trip to the DR, and Harris will leave you wondering what happened, and what was a creation of the author. He’s not telling.

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